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Welcome to Holistic Hospitality

When you stay with SCP Hotels, you stay consciously. From the artful reuse and recycling of original materials in building our hotels, to rethinking dining options with a focus on local goodness, to well-appointed fitness amenities designed to heighten your productivity, we invite you to reset your expectations and discover what's possible when you make a better choice for yourself and the planet by making a better choice in where you stay.

Why We're Here

We created SCP Hotels because you deserve to stay in a hotel that combines sustainable living and wellness with friendly hospitality at a fair price. From the big picture to the little details, we are cultivating a new guest experience–one with a range of opportunities for guests to refresh their bodies and souls, connect with community, and make better choices for our planet.

What We Do

Each of our hotels is a welcoming community built on our core values: Soul, Community and Planet. Our hotels combine earth-friendly and socially responsible practices with healthy accommodations; nutritious food choices; venues for socializing, collaborating and working; and superior fitness experiences.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place by serving those who value personal wellness, social good and the environment.

Who We're For

All are welcome to the SCP Hotels community, whether you're committed to wellness and sustainability as a lifestyle choice, you seek to make better choices a little at a time, or you're a savvy traveler who wants a clean, friendly place to recharge, work, and relax. SCP Hotels craft experiences that appeal to the sensibilities of all humans, wherever they find themselves on life's journey and whatever philosophy they bring to their stay.

How We Serve

By striving to be better.

We aspire to elevate hospitality while keeping it accessible to a broad range of travelers–and budgets. You'll notice and appreciate a higher level of comfort and a more thoughtful approach to services and amenities, and you'll come away from your stay feeling refreshed and inspired.

At SCP Hotels, every one of our team members is empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure you are satisfied with your stay. Moreover, if we fail to provide you with a satisfying experience, we'll refund 100% of the cost of your stay. We only ask that you provide us with feedback so we may work to do better for you the next time you visit.

By Expressing our Gratitude

We value your business and we're humbled that you've chosen to stay with us. We've developed a unique rewards program designed to express our gratitude to you in ways that go beyond traditional hotel rewards systems.

By Giving Back

Through our parent company, Soul Community Planet, SCP is committed to making the world around us a better place by giving back a minimum of 5% of its profits to empower change that creates sustainable impact.

Core Values

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Whatever your destination, the journey there can take its toll–so SCP Hotels provide opportunities to nourish your soul. Upon your arrival, you will encounter a purposeful, clean and fresh design that provides the backdrop for relaxation, productivity and balance. Explore a market stocked with healthy, locally sourced food and refreshments.

Never again will being on the road mean sacrificing your wellness. Once you're settled, take advantage of a full fitness center with wellness facilities that transcend the ordinary hotel gym, from spin classes, yoga, and studio programs to locally relevant outdoor activities. And once you're nestled in your own personal guest room sanctuary, the design and functionality you experience will deliver a combination of productivity and relaxation. Calming colors and natural materials blended with thoughtful amenities allow you to get the most out of each stay.



Being away from home doesn't have to mean giving up a sense of belonging. SCP Hotels provide you a welcoming environment where you can share the values of personal wellness and a commitment to the health of the planet. From free WiFi for productivity and collaboration, to the perfect backdrop for a drink and stimulating conversation, to a fitness experience beyond anything you'll find in a typical hotel, SCP Hotels are more than a place to lay your head–they are thriving communities.

We extend our hospitality not only to travelers, but to those in our surrounding communities by opening our markets, fitness facilities, and co-working spaces to them.



The world is filled with extraordinary wonder and beauty, and at SCP Hotels, we are committed to helping keep it that way—for you, and for the generations of curious and restless travelers to come after you. Our commitment to sustainability starts with the properties we choose to convert to SCP Hotels. We thoughtfully select existing hotels that otherwise may have been replaced with all new construction. And wherever possible, we use recycled, low toxicity and sustainable materials.

We employ efficient processes throughout our properties, from solar energy to water conservation to composting and minimal waste programs. You'll notice the environmentally friendly details throughout your stay, from green cleaning products to future-forward water filtration systems taking the place of bottled water. And to do our part to minimize our footprint while helping the communities that host us to flourish, we purchase and hire from surrounding neighborhoods and support local, social causes.


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